February 23, 2011

Reflection of Spring Semester--So Far

I have not enjoyed my psychology research methods class so far this semester. On my first quiz, I received a 9/10. I hope I will do better in the future. However, I pretty much doubt it. I've done several assignments so far. They are relatively simple. I think things will be a little more difficult in the future. I should try to be ready for it.

On my social interactions class, I received a 92/100 on my group presentation. I feel so stupid because when I read my peer review, one of the two people gave me a super low score because I was sick. I had a sore throat and still continued to do the presentation. :( REALLY. I probably can't survive out of this world because I can't take a little constructive criticism. I expect everyone to pity me or something. ARGH. I'm only like this because I'm usually treated pretty nice and respectful so seeing this makes me pretty annoyed. I got a 92/100 on my first exam as well. I'm pretty pleased with that result since it's pretty difficult to grasp the concepts.

I barely had one quiz so far in my cultural diversity theater class and I didn't do so well. I got a B which surprised me. That class seems like a joke. I mean all I hear are repeated lectures from everything I learned prior to that class. The films we watched are somewhat interesting but everyone is so tall that I can't see much of the projection screen. I hope I will do better in the future. I also hope that I will enjoy the class much more in the future.

I received a 54/60 in my anthropology class. I was pretty much disappointed since I thought I'd do well. I guess I didn't do well. I think most of the concepts are review yet I didn't do as well as i wanted to. I should focus more on my reading and go to those office hours if I need do.

As for mass communications, I just had my first exam today. It wasn't difficult. It also wasn't that easy. I stumbled on a couple of questions. When my professor asked how I felt about the exam, I don't know why I lied and said there were a couple tricky ones. By telling my professor that I had difficulty with the exam, he suggested that I come to class more. I told him that I was always there. Then, he told me to sit a bit closer. I don't think I can sit closer than the 4th row, which is where I always sit at since I come relatively late. Anyway, I don't know why I lied to him. I think I thought it would make him feel better. Like, by telling some professors that their exams are difficult, they kind of feel better about themselves. Anyhow, I'm sure he's not the type of professor that would feel better about giving difficult exams. So, now I feel kind of guilty for lying. Well, I'll see how my exam turns out next week. Maybe I did do as horrible as I told him. I guess it was a self-fulfilling prophecy is that's the result.


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