February 2, 2011


So, for Spring semester, I decided to take a theater class because it seemed rather simple and I was in a vulnerable position when I registered for that class last November. I thought that I'd fail all my classes because I wouldn't be able to manage all my readings. Anyway, I tried to enroll in the one that my friends were in but I ended up on waitlist. The other section, however, wasn't full yet. Basically, I registered to both of the classes; waitlist for one and enrolled in the other.

I walked into the class I was waitlisted in and saw my friends sitting in this corner without saving me a seat. Bitterly, I walked away from them and decided to sit by myself in the other side of the classroom. The next day, I reminded one of my friends to save me a seat next week and the friend agreed to. That was last week. This week, I was talking to my friend who knew them. She told me that they told her that I walked into the class and snubbed them. Apparently, they saved me a seat behind them but I walked away. Anyway, I didn't notice the seat. I guess I was absorbed into my own problems or whatever. So yeah, this is my unedited version of the story. Yes, extremely badly written, but I'm somewhat satisfied.

**I can't see much into my future with this blog, but I hope that I will allow myself to continue to pursue this blog even after my Mass Communications class. For now, I'll continue to blog about whatchamacallit.


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