February 17, 2011

Borders Files for Bankruptcy

It was inevitable that Borders bookstore would eventually close with the abundance of digital e-books. Being somewhat technologically slow at trends, I haven't gotten myself a Nook or Kindle but I'm sure I'll eventually get one. Well, I still have yet to obtain an ipod or any sort of mp3 player so I'm one to talk.

Hearing the news of this, I was horrified. It's not like I shopped a lot at Borders because the books were listed at publisher prices, but STILL. I would go to Borders when I needed a book for class IMMEDIATELY. If I didn't need the reading book that fast, I'd obviously ordered my book off at Amazon which sells books for even less.

I wanted to post this news up on the Comm facebook group, but for some reason I hesitated before putting the link. I didn't want to look eager, letting other people know immediately that I heard this news so early in the morning. In the end, a couple hours later, another student posted up the link of Borders filing for bankruptcy.

I guess in the end, if I snooze, I lose.


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